Romain Jean de Dieu, French expat in Singapore
CEO @ UGLOW Holding Group

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Romain is a young french entrepreneur established in Asia for 10 years. After graduating form ISG paris , he moved to Asia to pick up new challenges. He has been in charge of various business in Asia since then (still taking care of them). Since early 2011, he has developed his own group of companies (Uglow Groups) all revolving around textile and modern technologies. He is working on innovative technologies related to textile mainly. After the development of, and, now he is working on his new project Today he owns his own development facilities in China, from where all his R&D is centralised and sells his products worldwide to the industry and sports shop.

What is Uglow Group’s mission and “value add” ?

We are revolutionizing the retail industry by shortening time between (creation and delivery)

On Monday we design a product, the same day the product is approved by Facebook audience, and shipped the same week. Market is looking for limited offer and new interaction with audience. Brand owners and designers have been tot far from the end user for too long, people are looking for more existence , and rights to get heard. This is what we do with, we give more weight to people, people get heard, and stick to our brand most of the time. Retail as we know is dead, we know most people don’t go to shops anymore, but rather shop online so if you give right to people to know yourself better and run the show by creating for them the products they want ( form existing model and available supplies) then you are king.

When and how have you started your business in Singapore ?

My business has been started in Hong Kong initially , but I live in Singapore

What type of clients are you currently assisting?

We work with end users and BtoB

What is your best memory to date in your entrepreneurial journey?

The abality to add value within few hours, starting form a piece of rolled material and shape it to make it an extremely hi tech product.

What types of experts have you engaged in your entrepreneurial journey? (e.g: lawyers, accountant, immigration agent, real estate, recruiters, GoExpat advisors, venture capitalists…)

Lawyers, real estate, investors, accountant, business consultant

Do you have one tip for an international entrepreneur willing to set up his business in Singapore?

Make a strong BP, plan some back up… it’s a long way to the top!

What advice would you give to an international professional looking for employment opportunity in Singapore in your industry?

Be unique. That is the only way to stand out

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

More sport, a healthier life

Thank you for your insight Romain! A last word?

My pleasure, enjoy Singapore!

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