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Emmanuel White is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of WeLinkTalent, a recruitment innovation start-up established in 2016 in Singapore. Established in Singapore since 2012, Emmanuel has over 12 years of business experience with Business Development, People Management, Fast growing projects and strategic consulting assignments.
After having graduated a Master in Management from EMLyon Business School in France and performed an MBA exchange programme at AIT in Bangkok, he worked as a consultant for Ernst & Young, then was a Director for Page Group in Switzerland and became the Director for the newly created business covering Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines. Eventually, he was the Regional Director of South East Asia for Hudson.

Mr White is Member of APM, FCCS and in charge of the EMLyon Alumni in Singapore.

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What is WeLinkTalent mission and “value add”?

WeLinkTalent™ is a boutique human capital consulting firm specializing in senior level executive search and developing an automated pre-screening and pre-qualification SaaS to help to hire managers to own their recruitment process and build their team in an efficient manner.

When and how have you started your business in Singapore ?

We created our company in 2015 as we were developing our software at that time. WeLinkTalent became fully operational in October 2016 once all the licensing and regulation fully obtained to operate.

What type of clients are you currently assisting?

Concerning our executive search business, our clients are mainly Fortune 1000 with regional headquarters located in Singapore. However, we also support small subsidiaries of multinational companies to establish in Singapore and develop their activities in Asia.
We serve all industries but Financial Services, mainly focusing on General Management, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Supply Chain strategic roles.
About our second business providing a SaaS to streamline recruitment processes and support hiring managers to hire their people. We are targeting companies using internet as a first sourcing channel of candidates and willing to improve the recruitment success.

What is your best memory to date in your entrepreneurial journey?

The date we took the decision to launch our own business.
Then the day of our first payment: we felt we can add value and it was recognised. Then now we are driven by the fact we became independent with all what it means.

What types of experts have you engaged in your entrepreneurial journey? (e.g: lawyers, accountant, immigration agent, real estate, recruiters, GoExpat advisors, venture capitalists…)

During the launching phase, we needed Lawyers and Government practice, then Accountants to fill all forms.

Do you have one tip for an international entrepreneur willing to set up his business in Singapore?

Singapore is extremely business friendly, and same for entrepreneurs. Most agencies and government entities will try to understand your issues and find a solution for your business to run fast. The major difficulty in Singapore will be on your hiring as the regulation and the scarcity of profiles make it difficult.

What advice would you give to an international professional looking for employment opportunity in Singapore in your industry?

Nowadays, coming to Singapore is getting more challenging. Reason being that with economic uncertainty and the relatively high cost of Singapore, companies are being extremely cautious when it comes to hiring people with no or little experience in Asia. Hence One key advice is to play on your main strengths in order to get your potential employer perceive how you value add to a role without taking too long to adapt.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Sailing, Golf, Cooking, spending time with my family.

What’s your favorite suburb in Singapore?

Tiong Bahru

What’s your favourite place to have drinks/dinner?

Robertson Quay

As a #SmartSingaporeanInsider, is there anything else you would like to share with our visitors?

Go for ulu places

Can you suggest “useful links” (including links to your own content) for our Singaporean entrepreneurs toolbox?

Our website: www.welinktalent.com Employment pass eligibility: http://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permits/employment-pass/eligibility

Business Support in Singapore: https://www.smeportal.sg/content/smeportal/en/home.html

Is there anything you would like to add or share?

Most growths markets are surrounding Singapore, hence to develop Vietnam, Philippines Myanmar or Indonesia, Singapore remains the best place for companies looking at new revenue streams.

Thank you for all your insights, Emmanuel! 

Happy to collaborate!

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