Ten Singapore StartUp Companies to Watch Out for in 2018

GoExpats Number 1 StartUp – nuTonomy

This is perhaps the best startup in Singapore at the moment. It helps to map, localize and create decision making for self driving cars. The reason this startup is so incredible, and definitely one to keep you’re eye on, is because self driving cars are going to be a very real part of life in the not so distant future. This startup has managed to combine excellent technology with genuine demand, making it a force to be reckoned with.


This startup company, has created an artificial intelligence (AI) that delivers virtual banking services. It is just the kind of ingenuity that makes for a great startup company. Further more, it is exactly the kind of thing the expanding modern world will lap up.

Active.AI raised over 3 million dollars in funding, and plans to use it to grow its offshore client base. They intend to move into India and North America.


This new and exciting company, helps business send payments and conduct bank transactions with workers and companies across the world. It claims to send inter-bank transactions within 48 hours, with 70% less cost than other banking applications and methods. It boasts 600 users, and plans on expanding to Malaysia and Thailand.


Nuguit, is also an AI and is capable of analyzing aggregates and consolidating marketing data. This helps to deliver meaningful insights into the marketing of  a company or movement, allowing the user of Nuguit to make genuine and helpful changes to their business plan.


This startup company, raised an amazing $40 million dollars and while currently based in Singapore and Israel, it plans to expand globally. Simply the sheer amount of money Trax managed to raise, shows you this company is on the right track. Trax has created tracking and visualization computer software, best used in retail in order to monitor movement and placement of goods.


Carousell is already taking off in a huge way, it is one of the fastest growing buy, swap and sell applications on the market. It raised $35 million dollars last year and is certainly on its way to giving its western competition, eBay and GumTree, a run for their money.


This incredibly innovative AI, is everyone woman’s dream. It allows people to search via image, and not by key words. This means that if you are shopping online for a new dress, ViSenze will show  you options that are similar to the dress you are looking at. This will be based on the visual look of the dress and not on key words associated with that dress.


Cialfo is a startup company that helps students apply to universities in Britain and America. It provides expert mentoring and consultants to assists with application essays and interviews. Cialfo dreams of helping 1 million students get into the university of their dreams by 2020.


ServisHero is a startup that compares and contrasts local businesses and services, in order for you to find the best available provider. Whether it’s a handyman or a computer whiz you’re looking for, ServisHero will help you find the most reliable contractor near you. They received 2.7 million dollars funding in 2016.


It’s hard to believe, but ShopBack is a startup that pays their users to shop online. You can buy pretty much anything, even book a flight, through ShopBack. All you have to do is redirect from the ShopBack application to the store you want to buy from, and you’ll be eligible for up to 30% of your money back, and other great discounts. With deals like that it’s no wonder ShopBack received funding of 500 thousand dollars in 2015.


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