Moving to Singapore with your family

Bringing your family with you to Singapore

When you decide to move with your family, kids and pets to Singapore there are things you need to know about schools, accommodation and pets.

Childcare services are mainly provided in childcare centres, although some parents choose to employ educated maids or babysitters. Childcare in Singapore is widely available to working expat parents. The different centres have high quality standards and prepare your children well for preschool. Many of them offer both full-time and part-time care. Childcare centres normally offer services to children from two months to seven years old. You may decide to hire a maid to help you with the house work and looking after your children. Many expatriates prefer this as it is much cheaper than a childcare centre. On average the monthly cost of a maid is SGD 1,200.

International students, children of expatriates in other terms who wish to enter the public-school system must undertake the Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS). The AEIS is an English and mathematics test, a high score does not guarantee entry as places are strictly limited for expats. There is no AEIS for first year primary school students, entry is based only on availability. Private schools are an option for students unable to gain a place in a public school.

Singapore has six main national universities. Singaporean and foreign students may attend these universities however financial aid is only available to citizens or permanent residents of Singapore. There are over 300 private universities in Singapore offer a large variety of courses. These universities often have a smaller number of students than their publicly-funded counterparts. When choosing a private university, it is imperative that you make sure it has proper accreditation before enrolling.

Rent is very high in Singapore in comparison to Australia. It is very important to keep in mind your budget, preferred location and facilities. Apartment complexes and high rises are where the majority of people rent. However, if you have a large budget $18,000+ a month you can rent a private bungalow in a central location.

If you bring your dog with you there are a few things you must note. Traveling by public transport with your dog is not allowed, there is a special taxi service for transporting your furry friend. Standard taxis generally don’t reject carrying your dog if you advise the at the time of booking. Dogs must be kept on a leach and away from other people as certain regions do not allow the touching of dogs and this should be respected. There are special centres for dogs to play off leash. Due to the hot and humid climate in Singapore dogs should be showered once or twice a fortnight. They should be given treatment for parasites once a month. Dog owners must pick up their dog’s faeces or they face breaking the law.

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