Best Spas for Pampering in Singapore

Everyone knows what it feels like to need some time off, to relax and unwind. What better way to do this, than with a day trip to the spa? Finding the best one is a priority. After all, you’re day needs to be perfect, so you need the perfect spa to go to. ┬áThe following list details the best spas and pamper packages that Singapore has to offer.

Heavenly Spas

Located at The Westin Hotel, this spa is 35 stories above ground and provides spectacular views. It’s has an earthy vibe and promotes relaxation the minute you walk in the door.

You can’t go past the 90 minute, Lavender Spa Journey, at $250 for yourself and $450 for you and your partner. It’s the perfect way to unwind, among the soothing scents of lavender.


This is the closest Singapore has to a public bath house, but far more exotic. It costs $68 for entry, but with showers, whirlpools, an all you can eat buffet, T.V’s, comfy couches in the common room and bathers provided, it is well worth it.

They offer an incredible deep tissue massage, with or without oils. It costs $122 for members and $155 for non member, but that includes entry.


This spa is a funky and modern get away, with the massage rooms swimming in cool blue light. The shower has interesting options such as “Cool Mist” and “Tropical Storm”, to really make your spa experience your own. AWAY Spa is the most individualistic spa you will ever experience in your life.

As far as treatments go, you can’t go past the body scrub and tension reducing massage known as AWAY Body Treatment. After a scrub with Himalayan salt crystals, you’ll be wrapped in a mud wrap before you start you massage. It’s an experience you won’t forget any time soon.

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