The 10 most sought-after job skills in Singapore

What are the most sought-after job skills in Singapore?

IOS/Android Developers

Due to the increased use of mobile technology and the current sophistication level of technology. This combined with our increasing desire to do our business remotely and on the go, has made apps extremely popular. Singapore is a technological hub and many of the apps available are being developed in companies based there. There is a need for more developers to keep up with demand of an app for everything.

Cloud Architects

As the Singapore IT market appears to be in an expansion phase where sales expertise is the focus prior to further build out or technical/project expansion. Due to a limited talent pool in the cloud or hosted domains, the market is also facing a shortage of technically skilled people.


Companies are taking greater control of expenses to protect and increase profits. There is a growing demand for qualified accountants. Organisations are attempting to streamline operations. This is increasing the already high demand quality accounting and finance talent despite a slowing economy.

Customer Service Representatives

Singapore is a growing city particularly in the case of finance and technology. Salespeople with knowledge of telecommunications technology are in strong demand. Demand for these candidates is always strong in the banking and insurance industries. There is considerable emphasis on service excellence


Within Singapore’s competitive financial and IT industry there has been consistent demand for Telemarketers. Candidates with strong communication skills and a sales-driven attitude are in high demand.

Sales and Business Development Managers

Companies are constantly in search of new business opportunities and untapped customers and markets, making strong candidates in this area highly sought after.


There has always been demand for Brokers in insurance as existing customers need to be retained and protected, while new business needs to be acquired when renewals of policies are imminent.

Transport Planners

With the transport network in Singapore facing emerging challenges, demand exists for experienced Transport Planners in the region. Consultancies are now looking for talent to assist with improving the transport infrastructure.

Oil & Gas professional

Due to the growth in construction of offshore structures in Asia, there is a shortage of Senior Project Managers with ‘mega project’ experience delivering major US$150 million plus value projects. We are also seeing a need for Business Development Managers, Reservoir Engineers, Senior Geophysicists and Geologists as well as Design Engineers and EPC Project Managers

Global Privacy Lawyers

With the introduction of the Personal Data Protection Act, privacy is a big focus in Singapore. There are various banks, consultancies, and other businesses seeking to ensure their own compliance with privacy laws in the global market.

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