10 best eateries in Singapore – Where to get the best food in the city

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10 best eateries in Singapore – Pistachio Grill

Experienced expats and travellers know it is a must to try the best food in any new country. Below is a list of the 10 best restaurants in Singapore in no particular order. There is something for everybody and every budget.


best eateries mediterranean food singapore

Pistachio Grill

Pistachio Grill is famous for middle eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. It averages in the 50 SGD per person price range. Pistachio grill does not serve liquor with its meal but you may bring a bottle of wine. Seating is very limited and has an open seating complex that is not to everyone’s taste. Ensure you book early.

Waku Ghin specialises in Japanese style seafood dishes. It is very very expensive with the tasting platers costing 450 SGD per person, adding wine/sake to accompany the food will set you back an extra 250 SGD. Dinner is served in a private room with all dishes being prepared before your eyes.

Iggy’s serves European style food in set menus averaging 200 SGD per person. Excellent food and service, however, the ambience is lacking the dining room is very similar to a conference room.

Eminent Frog Porridge as the name suggests they specialise in frog dishes. extremely busy and no reservations taken this restaurant is more fast food style. Dishes cost around 9 SGD and staff are multilingual.

Bar roque grill best singapore food

Bar-Roque Grill

Bar-Roque Grill is a European grill restaurant serving mostly French food. The serve a lot of meat dishes in generous portions. Average costs around the 60 SGD mark. Catering for gluten free diet restrictions is excellent.

Red Star restaurant offers reasonably priced Chinese food, 25 SGD per head. The large Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner the Dim Sims are very popular and it is advisable to arrive before 12pm.

Burnt Ends in Chinatown is an Asian steakhouse style restaurant. Bills can be pricey in at Burnt Ends with some cuts of meat costing over 400 SGD per kilo. A must too book ahead at least a month is advisable. Excellent service, staff very knowledgeable and helpful. House cocktails are a must to try.

Luke oyster bar seafood best food place eatery singapore

Luke’s Oyster Bar

Luke’s Oyster Bar lovely oysters and American style grill Luke’s OB will do some damage to your wallet with mains alone costing 38 – 75 SGD. Oysters are shucked to order and the ribs are to die for. Service is superb a must to experience

Moosehead kitchen bar’s Mediterranean tapas is quirky and creative. Open kitchen to watch the creations come to life. The atmosphere is casual and good for big and small groups. Food is delicious, service prompt and averages 60 SGD per person including one cocktail. The only complaint is that about 1/3 of dishes include cheese, this limits your selections if you are lactose intolerant.

Tonny restaurant serves Chinese/Cantonese dishes with a twist. The chef Tonny strives to create dishes not found anywhere else. Average costs of 50 SGD per head and the restaurant is BYO only. Tonny’s is not a fancy place but service is great and food is fresh.

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